Upgrading your Appliances at The Home Depot

Almost every homeowner has to face one of the biggest decisions of their house ownership life: buying appliances. That time has finally come for us. The time to make the commitment to choose what appliances we want in our home for the next few decades. Wow, if that doesn’t scare you, good. If it does […]

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DIABLO SandNet Discs

Along with DIABLO’s impressive blades and router bits, comes the new sanding discs. lets see what they feature and what makes them stand out. The sanding disc out of the box was able to attach perfectly to my sanders, but if there are any issues, the package came with an application pad, making your life […]

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Milwaukee 22 oz. Milled Face Framing Hammer

Its funny how you think all hammers are the same, until you get a really nice hammer and realize, just like specialty tools, hammers have their own talks that they were created for. Let me show you what makes the ┬áNew Milwaukee 22 oz. Framing Hammer so special. First Impression once this thing gets into […]

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Floating Hardwood Flooring Desk

Wood is wood, no matter how you look at it. You can’t be picky. That’s why I took up this project. You see, recently I was approached by a local hardwood flooring guy named Anton Boyarchuck. He said he had a few random bundles of wood that were left over from a job he did. […]

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Geometric Planter

One of my favorite designs (and that is very popular right now) is geometric anything. It’s clean, modern, has great lines, and it works perfectly with the mid-century modern look. So for me it’s a win. My wife was the one that challenged me to attempt to make a geometric planter, and I’m glad she […]

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Makita 18-Volt LXT Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Once again, Makita has come out with something that is so at the peak of its game, it reminds us who really runs the show here. For once, I’m no longer looking at air compressor powered tools. Here is why I love the 18-Volt LXT Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer. SIZE. First things first, the compact […]

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DIY Retro Docking Station

It’s been years since I had an actual alarm clock on my nightstand. My phone does it all for me now. That is what made me come up with this retro docking station design for my nightstand. It is simple and sleek, and perfect for a “new age” alarm clock. Make sure you check out […]

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RYOBI ONE+ 18v Workshop Blower

I’ll be completely honest with you, I didn’t know that a product like this even existed. But boy, am I glad it does. You see, my workshop is ALWAYS covered with sawdust in one place or another. And there are only so many places I can get my dust pan into before I call it […]

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