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Hi, I’m Alex. I’m The Author and face of Mr.Buildit. a little about me, I am a husband of the love of my life, together we are raising 2 young hurricanes boys that we call Jack (4) and Beckham (2).  I am also the product of a line of blue-collar workers. Generation after generation of men and women who were tradesmen and women who instilled the importance of working with my hands, but unfortunately was never given the proper tools or the knowledge for the job. Recognizing that working with your hands is a dying skill,  I took it upon myself to get the right tools and learn how to build. I believe one of the greatest things a person can do, is to create with their hands. I also believe one of the greatest tools of our generation, is the internet. That is why I came up with this blog. I am so passionate about encouraging both men and women to learn to build and create with their hands, instead of buying.  You can TOTALLY do it. You just have to roll you sleeves up and build!

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