BOSCH GLL 2 Self Leveling Cross-Line Laser

One thing that takes a lot of time is setting straight, leveled lines when it comes to hanging or setting measurements on the wall. I’ve experienced the frustration with hanging cabinets, shelves, setting tile, adding board and batten. I’ve always seen the laser apparatuses, but this time I’m especially excited about actually trying one out.


Right out of the box, I noticed the clip and the ability to screw the clip on or off the device. This portability made me think of all the opportunities to practically use the laser. There’s only so many situations where setting it on top of a flipped over bucket that it actually works for you.


1. The Clip. As mentioned above, its super helpful for multiple environments and job sites like clipping it to a ladder or a post.

2. Ease of use. No need of playing with menus or settings, simple one button that has multiple settings to choose from like horizontal, vertical and cross line.

3. has a self leveling pendulum that helps you find the right square measurement AND has a locking feature to stabilize the pendulum during transport, to prevent damage and prolong accuracy.

4. 30 ft range. Reaches the average work area. Some systems reach further, but I feel those are more for commercial building applications.


1. The adjustment clamp has ridged groove that seat the locking position, making it difficult to split the difference on a unique angle that you are targeting. Perhaps having a smooth swivel ball would help with unique angles, but id imagine there’s a risk of it slowly sliding out of level.

2. No case. I’m sure the device is built tough, but having a carry case would be nice to keep the device from getting beaten up in the tool box.


Overall I REALLY like this unite. it works great, has the flexibility in multiple applications, and i feel it’s priced very affordably ($39.88 at the Home Depot). Well that’s it for me, I hope you found this review helpful in your decision making process.


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