Clean & Wax your Table Saw

Cleaning, waxing, and tuning are one of the most neglected tasks in the workshop. Mostly because we are limited in the time we spend in our work spaces so the last thing we want to do is maintenance work. Let me show you how for $15 and 30-45 min of your time, we can get your table saw running and cutting smooth again.


  1. Turtle WAX (not paid sponsorship) with the applicator. If you have a “0000” wool pad, use that to apply the wax to the table saw.
  2. 2000 Grit wet sandpaper with a flat wood block.
  3. WD40 to spray the top while wet sanding
  4. buff out with a clean rag. I used a microfiber rag. no different than waxing a vehicle.

Hope the video answers any more questions you might have.

Thanks for stopping by,

Alex Mazhukhin

Mr. Buildit