COMBAT Ant & Roach Spray

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free, and even though I was compensated for my time to write a full review, the thoughts and opinions are my own.

We bought a new (to us) home 2 months ago, and we love it. The home was built in 1993, which is not too old, but like many new homeowners, we continue to discover issues with each day. the Honey-To-Do list seems endless. Next on the list is bugs!

First impressions: I thought the packaging was VERY impressive. It’s funny how many bug chemicals are out there, but for some reason, when you open up this briefcase looking packaging, it almost looks like you’re bringing a tactical weapon to a knife fight. Right out of the gates, this things looks like it means business.

Second: the ease of spray. The Combat Max is compressed to pack a serious push, capable of reaching those small tight spaces where the can itself can’t go. This makes is super convenient during the hard to reach spots.

Third: volume. Unlike many chemicals out there, the size of an aerosolized spray of anything doesn’t mean much. For example, I’ve used wall texture bottles that look like they could cover an entire 9x12ft wall, all just to leave you high and dry. The combat sprayed did no such thing. I went around and sprayed every nook and corner suggested on the label: places I’ve seen “unwanted visitors and places the label expected you to find unwanted visitors, and this thing allowed for me to cover everything twice and I even covered spots just for the heck of it. This things lasts.

Fourth: the smell. Even though the label warns you of safety ventilation precautions to avoid harm to yourself and others, I’m pleased to say I did not have to circus tent my home or wear a full hazmat suit. The Combat allowed the smell to be kept to a minimum, and the coverage to the max due to the high saturation of chemical being delivered via foam.

My final observation on the COMBAT Ant & Roach spray, It has been a few days now since I’ve sprayed the Combat Ant and Roach Spray, and I will honestly say I’ve checked under the sink, the crawl space, the garage, behind the kitchen appliances, behind the baseboards, the random holes in my crawlspace vents, and even behind the furnace. Fingers crossed, but I have not spotted any new signs of unwanted visitors of any bug family. I’m pleasantly surprised.

In conclusion I will say this, peace of mind knowing the creepy crawlers are not going to be an issue, as well as knowing that I was able to take preventative measures for the next 10 months against the German cockroaches, peace of mind is priceless. This has been my honest opinion. I hope it helps.

Here to help,

Mr. Buildit