Dewalt 20V/60V Bluetooth Radio/ Charger

I’ve recently began a journey to remodel a home. Working 16 hrs a day on said home gets pretty lonesome and tedious after a while. So that’s why the DeWALT Bluetooth Radio/ Charger came in extra handy for me. Now, I know there are many other job site chargers out there, but let me share with you why I like this  particular one.

1. Not only does this DeWALT radio/charger have NFC Bluetooth capabilities for up to 100 feet (which is what I run all day), it also has a plan B option to connect your device via auxiliary cord. It also has a plug-in for the USB cord to charge your device while it plays. If you’re like me and your phone is ALWAYS dying, than this is a sweet feature you will definitely love.

2. The battery power/charger means no more wasting time. Now you can charge your power tools while being entertained all at the same time. Also, there is no more compromising; you are now able to be powered by 20-Volt/ 60-Volt DeWALT batteries as well as an AC power cord. Let’s get productive!


3.  Power on Power. For this particular application, I was able to use my job site air compressor, that was plugged into the the DeWALT radio/charger, all off of one outlet plug. I did this using the 3 Amp charging of 20-Volt/60-Volt DeWALT batteries when the unit was plugged into AC power and 2 additional AC power outlets. I was able to be consolidated AND organized using this unit. Now that’s good for my soul.


Item number: 1001850351


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DeWALT 20-Volt or 60-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger/Bluetooth Radio – DCR025 – The Home Depot

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May 15, 2017