A few months ago I did a review on the Dremel Multi max MM45 4.0. I love that tool and I gave it 2 thumbs up. Since then, Dremel decided to once again stay at the height of the competition by providing the new and improved 5.0 AMP motor.

Now, it doesn’t make sense for me to scrape to find new features about this tool, because let’s be honest…it’s the same tool as the 4.0 except with more power. I will, however, point out one again what makes the Dremel Multi-max stand out from its competition.
  1. 1. Quick boost system keeps constant speed without bogging down in tough material.
  2. 2. Patented Quick Lock accessory changing system.
  3. 3. 5.0 AMP motor, Making it one of the most powerful oscillating tools on the market.
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