Geometric Planter

One of my favorite designs (and that is very popular right now) is geometric anything. It’s clean, modern, has great lines, and it works perfectly with the mid-century modern look. So for me it’s a win. My wife was the one that challenged me to attempt to make a geometric planter, and I’m glad she did.


  1. The plywood for this geometric planter is 3/4″ Maple.
  2. Each piece is 3″ wide and compound mitered to 80 degrees (video shows 70, ignore that).
  3. I used tight bond 2 wood glue on every piece.
  4. Tape up all of the piecesĀ from the outside and lay them tightly next to each other, so that nothing moves out of place.
  5. I find using a ratchet strap makes “clamping” this shape easy.
  6. for the exposed plywood, use birch or maple iron on edge banding veneer.
  7. For the bottom of the planter pot, trace out the area so you will have a perfect tight fit once cut on the band saw.
  8. Also for the bottom, use paintable calk to make the bottom look edgeless and clean.
  9. PRO TIP. To achieve flawless seams, sand, then apply a small amount of wood filler with your finger on every point thats not super tight. Even 1/16 will need some filler. This applies to even the edge banding. Sand again lightly to smooth everything out.
  10. Before painting, use wood primer to prevent chipping later.
  11. For the legs, I used cherry with oil/wax as sealer. The joints are held up with domino tenons. You can use pocket holes with wooden plugs.
  12. Keep the original planter bucket your plant came in and just have it sit inside of your new build. This will keep it clean and moisture free-ish.
  13. Final Dimensions.
    1. Planter; 16″ Diammeter, 16″ tall.
    2. Legs; 18″ tall , 18″ wide