Hidden Wall Mount TV Cables

The glorious big screen TV is mean to be the center of attention, not the cables that run from it down the wall to the outlet. I decided just to figure out a way to  hide them. There are many kits out there ranging from $25-$75, but since this is a DIY, let’s see if we can make it even more affordable.

This is my old setup. As you can see, the cables running down the wall aren’t doing anyone a favor.

Start out with drawing out a 2-1/8″x4″ box on top behind the TV and at the bottom by your outlet. Be sure to be between both of the wall studs when picking your location.

Use use ROTOZIP Saw to cut out the perfect desired box. My ROTOSAW+ has a convenient dust collection, making my cut easy to see and leaving my living room the way I found it–dry wall debris free.

Mark and cut out the same side box, just below your first box.

Use theses covers and brackets found in the electrical isle of your local hardware store. The orange bracket has the flaps that specifically attaches to the drywall without the need of a stud.

Install the top, then bottom.

Screw both screws with a Phillips head to open and tighten the flaps to make the bracket sit nearly flush with the drywall.

Feed fishing wire down the top opening to come out the bottom. I used needle-nose pliers to catch the line at the bottom.

Strap all the desired cables (except for power) that need the connection at the bottom and feed them down. For power, have a licensed electrician come out and wire up a power outlet right behind your TV.

Use these finishing face covers to enclose the bracket at the top and the bottom.

Ah, a clean and cable free wall.

Dremel Provided me with the ROTOZIP product and/or monetary compensation as a sponsor of this build.  All opinions are my own and are not filtered by the sponsor.