HomeRight Spray Shield

If you are looking for a spray shield for painting, here are my thoughts on the HomeRight Spray Shield.


SIZE. First of all, I like how big it is. HomeRight carries a small booth that sits right ontop of your work bench, but I needed something that would cater to everything, specifically bulky furniture. That’s why I got the HomeRight Spray Shield.


TENT.  I was a little disappointed with the design of the tent. For some reason I was under the impression that it was just a pop up tent, which got me excited to save assembly time. This is rather, your simplified camping tent setup, which makes it pretty straight forward when it comes to assembly.


BOTTOM. At first I thought that not having a built in bottom would be a turn off, but I was wrong. You see, even though you are requred to still throw down some painting sheets and then set the tent over it, it is kinda nice this way because if its a huge table like the image above, you can move the tent from one side to another when you’re trying to get on one particular side with he sprayer.


DOOR. The doors are all on velcro. A zipper would be nice, but hey it does the job just fine. Besides, it would probably be too close to a camping tent then. Haha.


TOP. Im glad they made the top flat instead of pointy like camping tents because it gives more room for the project.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Overall, I like it. It does a great job. It’s big enough for the 8 foot table that I’m spraying, it’s functional for all paint jobs, AND most of all it costs way less than buying a roll of thick plastic  from the big box store and going through the hassle of creating a corner in your shop or garage for a jimmy-rigged paint booth.