DIY Honeycomb Shelves

These honeycomb shelves were a big hit with my wife, because they are simple, unique, and stylish all rolled into one and that is her jam. These shelves add the perfect creative touch to any room, and you only have to minimally decorate them because they are already so trendy on their own. Follow these simple steps to make your own honeycomb shelves!

I bought 3/4 thick, 4 inch wide @ 8ft long pine boards from the local hardware store.

Miter each piece at both ends to a 30 degree angle. I made each piece 8″ long.

Use new sharp blade and clamp down your board to get a perfect cut

Attach the pieces via TITEBOND III and Brad finishing nails. 2 per side should be enough. Get yourself a good pneumatic Brad nail gun, I got mine from SUREBONDER and I absolutely love it.

Sand with 150 grit all your pieces. If you have any tear outs in the wood when cutting, slow down your cuts and use a sanding block to fix any imperfections.

I used stainable wood filler by DAPP on any imperfections and Brad nail holes. Sand when done.

Use MINWAX wood conditioner before staining to get an even and quality finish. Keep in mind, using wood conditioner won’t allow for your stain to get too dark, but it will be more uniform when applied.

I used one coat of conditioner applied with a foam brush and 2 coats of MINWAX Weathered Oak.

I hung up the shelves using pocket key hole brackets, available at your local hardware store and Walmart.

July 24, 2016

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  • What are the “pocket key hole brackets” because I’ve looked for them but haven’t found anything??