HUSKY 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box


As some of you already know, we’ve been busy tackling this home renovation. And I will say, there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you have to make 10 trips back to your truck or workshop to carry the load of tools to accomplish the task. This is where the new 22 inch HUSKY Connect Rolling System Tool Box has really saved my life. Let me show you some of it features that help me out daily.

Model # 23038

Collapsable storage tower allows for you to add and connect all the containers and head out to the job.

The deep pro organizer with 12 removable bin for small parts makes for a convent grab and go.

A large base storage make a perfect place to store large must have tools, like the skill saw, sawmill, drill, etc.

Large 7″ wheels make for an easy transport across transition pieces and obstacles like extension cords and scrap wood in the way of your destination.

The interlocking mobile system with metal plastic covered connectors makes it quick to stack and lock the container, making packing up a breeze.


Telescoping cart handle locks in place to stay out of the way when trying to get to the base. One more reason Husky did a great job creating a product to save space and time.

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