How to Install Laminate Flooring

One the most attractive, yet financially appealing options for flooring is the Laminate flooring. There are cheap ones and there are expensive one, and they all range by the features. If you can find a batch that is scratch resistant, squeak resistant, and water resistant for a good price, you stuck gold. Installing the flooring is nothing more difficult that putting together LEGOS. Let me show you how.


Pull Bar

Tapping Block

Air Compressor

18g Brad nail gun with nails


Lay dow the water moister barrier tarp. You don’t have to staple it down, but it really helps keep the wrinkles from folding.

You will be sticking to the same 1, 2, 3 pattern through the whole process. Get a full board, a board cut to 3/4 of the length, and a board cut to 1/2 or a 1/4 size. You will be repeating this process, so get used to it.

Lay down the first row (STRAIGHT) and secure it with a few brad nails to keep your boards from moving as you attach each board under it. It helps if you lay down the first 3 rows and then secure the top with brad nails. This will ensure the line is straight. Remember, when placing the brad nail, just do the very top 1/2 that will be covered by the trim.

When installing the pieces, insert the short piece into the long tongue piece.

Lay it down and tap it in to lock it with a tapping block.

Continue your layout using the 1,2,3 pattern.

Once done, proceed to do the ends.

Use your Pull bar with a mallet to lock the ends into place.

And just like that, you’ve installed new flooring. Attach the base boards with brad nails into studs and calk the top, throw down some touchup paint, and you are ready to entertain guests.


*Use a fine tooth blade. Something around 60 T for finer cuts.

*Lay the laminate pieces tight to make for an easy quick tap when locking the pieces with a block and mallet.

*Be careful when placing the tapping block, it is really easy to accidentally chip the ends of your boards with and unstable positioning of the tapping block.

Go have fun and let me know if you have any questions.


May 29, 2017