Kid’s Bike Rack Storage Bench

One of my biggest peeves is when my kids leave all of their bikes and toys in the front yard, as if it’s hurricane season. After yelling at them time and time again, I decided they needed a system. That’s how I came up with this Kids Bike Storage Bench.


  2. For this DIY Kids Bike Rack, use 2×4 Douglas Fir from my local Home Depot. I bought 21 boards at 8 ft long.
  3. Secure every stack with plenty of wood glue along with 2 inch SPAX screws into each joint. 3 screws did the job perfectly.
  4. Use a Carpenter’s Speed Square to line up the boards to be 90 degrees.
  5. For the very last layer, instead of screws, use plenty of glue and some clamps. You can also still use screws, just be sure to putty the holes up when done.
  6. Use 45 degree miter cuts on the bike rack part to make it look nicer. But honestly, it was a huge pain to get then straight. If I was to do it again, I’d either joint and plane all the boards or simply skip the 45 degree miter and just go with a butt-joint.
  7. Sand down with 60-80 grit sandpaper to get rid of any imperfections followed by 120 to prep for painting.
  8. Wood putty any screws that are exposed.
  9. Spray or brush on a good layer of primer to make sure your paint does not crack over time. Since the project will always be outside, you want to account for extra moister coming your way.
  10. ¬†Use 3-4″ door hingers to attach the top door/cover to the box storage itself.
  11. Lastly, the depth of the storage box with these dimensions fits your average ball or bike helmet, if you want to store anything bigger/wider than you will have to increase your dimmentions.

The Project cost me:

$70 wood

$6 Hinges

$ I had leftover paint

$ I had leftover screws