Laguna Fusion Table Saw Review

A table saw is just something that spins the blade. The true magic comes from the features that the saw has in order to make the perfect cut that you’re happy with. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my table saw for quite some time and I’ve finally got around to it. I liked my previous RIDGID R4512, but as my skill set began to grow, so did my standards. Here are the 5 things I’ve been looking for in a table saw that I’ve found in the LAGUNA FUSION.

dsc_00181. CAST IRON WINGS. First of all, a good, large table top for the saw is important to me for large rip capacity when dealing with things like plywood. But even with a large surface area, I really wanted cast iron wings. Why? Well, two reasons: First, its a good, flat surface that goes across the entire table without sag. Second, it keeps the work piece from vibrating for accuracy. The Laguna Fusion has all of these important features.


2. THE FENCE. The fence is the bread and butter to a good table saw, so naturally it was important for me to have something that has a self centering T-Lock system that glides smoothly and does not deflect. The Laguna definitely does just that.


3. ZERO CLEARANCE. My last blade guard was not thick at all, so it would actually bend into the saw when working with small pieces. My LAGUNA came with a high density phenolic laminate that adjusts perfectly flush to the top. Furthermore, it locks into place and accommodates my Riving Knife.


4. PUSH STICK. I actually wasn’t looking into the push stick mounting feature at all, but got spoiled with how securely and conveniently the push stick mounts to the fence. Brilliant!


5. THE CRANK. Most saws’ height and angle adjustment crank is stiff and requires you to throw your shoulder into it, but the LAGUNA’s system is smooth as butter. In fact, any moment I have to make adjustments to it, I have a smile on my face because of how smooth it is.

And lastly, I love that this is a cabinet saw disguised as a hybrid saw. What I mean by it is, that apart from the large 3-5Hp that the cabinet saws are equipped with, the cabinet saws also have the Trunnion’s attached to the cabinet of the unit instead of underneath of the table. Therefore, this allows for the top to be true and not sucked into the cabinet. And it makes for easy adjustments when it comes to tuning your saw. The LAGUNA FUSION has it!

…Oh and there’s the price!

My previous saw: $550

New fence & rail: $350-$450

Cast Iron wings: $300

Zero Clearance: $50

By that time, I might as well buy a saw that everything on it for $1,299 MSRP.




January 6, 2017