Makita 18-Volt LXT Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Once again, Makita has come out with something that is so at the peak of its game, it reminds us who really runs the show here. For once, I’m no longer looking at air compressor powered tools. Here is why I love the 18-Volt LXT Cordless 23-Gauge Pin Nailer.


First things first, the compact size is amazing for a pin nailer. For years, pneumatic tools have been the smallest tool in their market. And to be honest, thats the exact reason that kept me from sticking with pneumatics. Well thanks to Makita’s compact design, they were able to create a smaller tool that packs an a big punch.


Makita’s Yellow Star line allows for the compatibility to accept anyone of Makita’s battery powering system, christening the tool to be universal across its board.


I really like the soft rubber that covers the tool. It make for dropping the tool onto a work surface less heart wrenching, knowing that it will be protected.


Like the majority of airless, cordless, and pneumatics out there, the Makita Pin Nailer is equipped with tool-less depth adjustment for precise flush and countersink finish.


Just like any tool out there, you want the option for variability in sizes of the nails used for the job. The Makita Drives 6-different lengths of 23-Gauge pins (5/8 in., 11/16 in., 3/4 in., 1 in., 1-3/16 in. and 1-3/8 in.) and has a magazine capacity up to 120-pins.


A device that shoots anything, especially metal nails, is a liability without a safety mechanism. That is why The pin nailer is equipped with a slick locking safety mechanism to keep you worry free.


My final thoughts on the Makita 23g is that I think it’s a fantastic tool. Finally, a tool that carries the power of a pnematic while competing with the size of a pneumatics, and having a leg up being cordless. That wins in my book. Well done Makita. Well Done.


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