Milwaukee 22 oz. Milled Face Framing Hammer

Its funny how you think all hammers are the same, until you get a really nice hammer and realize, just like specialty tools, hammers have their own talks that they were created for. Let me show you what makes the  New Milwaukee 22 oz. Framing Hammer so special.

First Impression

once this thing gets into your hand is that its a lot skinnier than some of the typical hammers and the second thought that crosses your mind immediately is, “wow, it’s very well balanced”.

The magnetic nail-set is incredible. Once you set your first nail with it, you will never go back to another hammer, I promise. it makes setting nails so convenient. Imagine being on a ladder and trying to juggle holding the hammer, nail and holding on to the ladder all at the same time. now you don’t have to. you can set the nail, hold on to the hammer with one hand and the ladder with the other and just swing away.

The asymmetrical anti-ring claw keeps the noise level to a tolerable decibel.

The straight claw makes for a quick and convenient bite when it comes to prying the work surface all while giving you the most control.


I agree, prior to holding nice hammers I used whatever was cheap or whatever that was handed down to me at that time, but once I saw all the features that were created to make swinging a hammer easier, the question stands at, why not? if we use specialty pneumatic nail guns to make our life easier, why not use a specialty hammer to make our life easier as well?- I like this Hammer.

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