Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver kit

  1. It’s so interesting how different each name-brand impact driver can feel and sound when the trigger is pressed.

    • The Milwaukee Hex Impact Driver was sent to me and I was excited to get my hands on it since they’ve been all over the internet and I’ve been very curious to get a feel for it.

  1. First impression, right out of the box, it “FEELS” the same as the majority of the impact drivers I’ve held at the store. Nothing too get crazy excited about. Impressive like the rest of the impacts.
  2. The second thing I noticed, when you pull the trigger, the motor actually sounds smoother and even a bit quieter. Now, is it quieter? Well I don’t know, I didn’t conduct an official test comparing the decibles, but it sounded like it and seemed smoother as the motor spun. I’ts interesting, because I feel my daily use impact driver (DeWalt) sounds more roaring-like and this one almost has that electric suppressed motor sound. I LIKE IT ALOT. It feels like controlled power with a silencer. That’s the best way I can put it.

  1. Competative selling points

    • ● Run Time: Brushless motor, REDLINK Electronics and REDLITHIUM batteries provides more efficient power delivery, for fewer trips to the charger.
    • ●   Dimensions: 5-3/8 in. long and 3.1 lbs. (with battery)

  • ● Power: 1500 in./ lbs. of torque and 0-2,800 RPM.

Overall, I like the impact driver. I’ve seen nothing but good things come from Milwaukee and I feel it’s a solid buy, especially if you’re going to commit to a brand and invest into their always expanding line of cordless Power tools. personally i feel the impact driver decision dictates the tool brand you marry. It’s silly to own an impact driver from one brand, cordless drill from another brand, and a cordless skill saw from a third brand.  The Milwaukee Hex Impact driver is very powerful, light weight, sounds quieter. Two thumbs up.

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