Bandsaw boxes are beautifully crafted and intricate designed pieces of art. The problem comes in when it’s time to display the traditional Bandsaw Box in a modern decor inspired living space. That’s where i was inspired to create a box that my wife would proudly displace on the coffee table.

I’ve attached a Step-By-step Video below that you could follow to create your own bandsaw box, but here are some straight to the point Spark Notes that will help you along the way.


1. Use any kind of scrap hardwood, I even used Leftover untreated hardwood flooring. you can even use plywood.

2. Print out the design of you box and glue it onto your block of wood. Using a free hand technique with make your cuts uneven and your box lopsided.

3. Be mindful of the maximum height of your cut capacity on you Bandsaw when determining the height of your Bandsaw box.

4. When picking a “Cut In” point when cutting the profile of your drawer out, be sure to go with the grain and not cross the grain. This will make concealing your cut during a glue up a whole lot easier.

5. Use a round over router bit to make your box, and more especially your drawer look cleaner and straighter. This will be incredibly forgiving.

6. When cutting off the front and back parts of your drawer, remember which goes where, this will make gluing them back on much more concealing as well.

7. Use plenty of clamps, but be mindful not to over tighten because you can crack the fragile wood pieces.

8. Use any kind of finish. oil, polyurethane, it will all gook great.

9. Sand down to at least 220, use a wet rag or a water sprayer to wet the wood after 220 grit, so it raises the grain when it dries and then go over it again with 220 once more to make sure your project is silky smooth after laying on the finish.



Don’t stress out too much about these bandsaw boxes, they’re meant to be fun and remember, they’re made up of scrap wood, so who cares. Be creative and have fun. let me know if you have any questions.

Here to help,

Alex Mazhukhin

Mr. Buildit