DIY Retro Docking Station

It’s been years since I had an actual alarm clock on my nightstand. My phone does it all for me now. That is what made me come up with this retro docking station design for my nightstand. It is simple and sleek, and perfect for a “new age” alarm clock. Make sure you check out the video on how to build this and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more fun projects and builds.


  1. This DIY Retro Docking Station is done using all scrap wood.
  2. Make sure your boards are straight and flat.
  3. Wood glue holds everything seen here. On small parts, use painter’s tape to hold pressure.
  4. Use plenty of clamps.
  5. Sand down using 80 grit and finish with 220.
  6. For the finish, I used a wax oil.
  7. Cut the hole in the back to feed a phone charger through.