The Perfect Out-feed Assembly Table

We all wish we had endless room in our garage/workshops but we always have to trade off between storage and cars. Let me give you a little backround about my situation. I once had a 20×20 garage that was all devoted to woodworking. After we sold the house and got a new house that had a 3rd large bay that would be my new workshop, I was forced to downsize. Fortunately, being an organizing OCD’er, this was a fun task. I quickly donated my old 6ft x 5ft assembly table to an up and coming DIY’er and began brainstorming the new table.

Knowing I needed something that was small, functional, and had plenty of storage, I quickly came up with the dimension for the assembly table that resembled my Laguna Fusion Table saw.

I wanted to keep it simple, yet fancy enough to have as a conversation starter, so I went with half-lapped joints on the entire frame.

I went down to my local Home Depot and picked up 2 sheets of maple plywood (you can most defiantly use pine as well) along with 6 boards of 2×4 @ 8ft long.

After establishing all of my dimensions, I used my Skill saw with a carpenter’s speed square to create the half-lapped joints. Since a 2×4’s actual dimensions is 1.5×3.5, I set my dept to be 3/4″ on both laps.

A good glue-up is important for a strong joint.

To prevent over-tightening, you want to avoid squeezing out all the glue.

Attach the front and back via a crossbeam. Throw in a few pocket holes and some glue and you’ve got yourself a steady surface.

I would throw in a few reinforcing crossbeams every 12 inches to make for a solid work surface.

Flip the bench over and create a flush inset self. Use scrap plywood with some wood glue and brad nails to create the brackets.

At this point you’re ready for the top. I used Maple Plywood and set a screw every 8 inches.

You’re now ready for business. Happy Building.

June 7, 2017