RIDGID Palm Nailer

 A Palm nailer at first sight might not be high on your tool needs in the arsenal, but after playing with one for a little, you will quickly find yourself looking for an excuse to use it on every projects.

Each nail gun has its own limitation. A roofing nail gun is strictly for roofing and a framing gun can only take framing nails. So if you don’t really want to purchase a bunch of guns cause you don’t see yourself building specialty projects everyday, and yet you don’t want to swing a hammer, the palm nailer might be just for you.


Capable of driving 3-1/2” nail into the hardest LVL lumber.
The Idea is simple, set a nail into the chamber via the internal magnet, set your desired quick depth setting and just lightly press down as the air compressor powered gun drivers the nail.

5 points I like:

1. Velcro scrap makes it part of you, and is easier to hold.
  1. 2. Depth setting.
  2. 3. Self cleaning in-handle filter. No debris.
  3. 4. Magnet nail guide.
  4. 5. Compact. 2.70 LBS.


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