Texas Holdem Poker Table DIY

Ready for a guy’s poker night? This Mr. Buildit’s FREE  Texas Holdem Poker Table DIY is sure to be the center of attention. You got the friends and the drink, now let me help you get the table.

Lets get started…


Generally speaking, you only need one expensive piece of ply and one cheap piece. I went with two sheets of 3/4″ Plywood. Sheet (A) can be basic Pine from Home Depot ($34) and for sheet (B) use a premium sheet of hardwood, I used Birch ($50).



First, on both sheets mark 24″ from the top and side of the sheet and mark it with a pencil. Then, drive a screw into that spot, attach a pencil on a string to that screw and trace the travel of the radius. Identically use this technique for all the measurements on both the top and bottom of the sheet. Use a Jig Saw to cut everything out.


                          YELLOW: Scrap

                          RED: Base

                          BROWN: Race Track

                          GREEN: Play Area

                          GRAY: Bumper

                          BLUE: Bottom Lip for Bumper (bumper alignment to racetrack)


As seen here, cut out the felt playing part out of the race track. (birch)


Then, attach race track to sheet A (pine).

For screws I only use SPAX for two reasons:

1. They are self-tapping. The first 3-4 threads have cutter spokes on it like a saw to prevent your wood from splitting.

2. They are self counter sinking. Under the head/cap there are 4 more spokes to help drive the screw in and create a way for the screw to be hidden inside the wood.


Flipped over.


To summarize, here is the birch race track stained and hole cut for cup holders.


Here are the bumpers upholstered. Overall, this might be the most difficult part, but if you do a small section it comes out pretty “fold free” or atlas minimal.


Now, lets get the felt ready. First, lay down the felt, then the 1/4″ foam, and then the top part of the playing area that you cut out of the race track.

poker table diy uphostrey 2.jpg

To summarize this picture, I’m using 1/2″ staples with my Surebonder upholstery gun to put it all together.



The false beam is made up of four pieces that that are a 45 degree miter cut on the table saw, and are glued together while being clamped tight using a ratchet strap. As a matter of fact, this part is pretty simple along as your lumber is flat and your fence on the table saw is straight and does not deflect.


Here are the false beam legs mitered and glued tight. As has been noted above, the setup of lumber and tools is essential to getting it turn out this way.


Pre-staining, and then staining the beam legs.


RED-BROWN (screw from Red into Brown)

GRAY-BLUE (Screw from Blue into Gray)



All in all, the legs are made up of 2×8 lumber from Home Depot. I used (6) 2x8x8 ft pieces of Douglas Fir. It ran me about $50 from Home Depot. When it comes to assembly, I mostly use wood glue but additionally I clamp and drill all of the pieces from the bottom to ensure a good tight fit.



Use DAPP wood filler ($9 Home Depot) to fill in any cracks or gaps.  Sand your entire project using first 80, then 120, and additionally 220 Grit to achieve finished smoothness using an Orbital sander



First of all, certain woods are more prone to blotchiness (spotty discoloration) than others. Pine and similarly Birch are both prone to be extra blotchy. I like to use a Pre-Stain from MINWAX to condition the wood to help absorb the stain evenly throughout the entire project. I found that using a foam brush ($1 Home Depot) to apply is easiest and equally the fastest.



For the most part, cutting holes is pretty simple with the right tool. For jumbo size, use 3-5/8 cutter head (disregard the 3″ cutter you see above). Additionally you’ll need a well powered drill to give you the strength to power through using such a large cutter.



(Part A) Comparatively, when it comes to materials, I went to my local JoAnn’s Fabric. Also, I used a coupon that is frequently available on their website (or app) and got almost 50% off my supplies. After the discount, the following materials ran me $95:

Rail Vinyl (Whisper) 54×108″

Rail Foam (2″ density) 54×108″

Green Felt 54×102″

1/4″ Open Cell Foam  54×108″



(Part B) Together with the right materials, I used a Pneumatic upholstery gun from SUREBONDER, along with 1/2 staples from them. It works amazing.

An equally important fact to remember about the cup holders is that they give the perfect bling to your masterpiece.


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There are small and jumbo size cup holders on the market. The small ones will only fit a 12 oz beer bottle, and the large ones will fit a rocks glass for the scotch and bourbon drinkers. Of course to make everyone happy, I encourage you to get the jumbo ones so you’ll be ready for anything. After all, our friends are all different.


In a word? Beautiful!


In addition to it being a “man cave” poker table, the legs needed to be tough looking as well.

Poker table DIY 6.jpg

In summary, this poker table is very easy to make, you just have to take it step by step. Don’t rush the process. First, do the wood, and then the upholstery, and you’ll be amazed at what you created.